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Safari looks a little different today–we have a new logo, and you’ll see “O’Reilly” in the new red header bar. And this signal that Safari is now 100% O’Reilly is just the beginning–since O’Reilly became Safari’s sole owner in August 2014, we’ve been working on a host of new ways to make it even more useful (and more user-friendly).

When O’Reilly launched Safari back in July, 2000  (it was definitely what would now be called an MVP), our founder and CEO Tim O’Reilly said:

We’ve always followed our own path, rather than conform to the conventional practices of the publishing industry. Safari is a logical extension of that approach. In designing the service, we’ve exploded the notion of ‘book’ and built a front end for the content of our books that truly harnesses the power of the Web.

Safari brought the information in our books–and soon after, those of many other excellent publishers–to the Web, but 16 years later, Safari is about so much more than books. From concise webcasts to comprehensive training courses to full conferences, Safari also has nearly 4000 videos. If you haven’t yet, check out the new Learning Paths on important tech and business topics, and the popular Best of 2015  collections.

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