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The tl;dr

If you’re using a device that runs an older version of Android (before 5.0), you’re likely experiencing issues logging into our Safari Queue app. We apologize for this disruption, and we’re treating it as a top priority.

We’re now beta testing a new version of the app that fixes the problem. If you don’t want to wait for the general release, you can gain access to the beta right now via the Play Store Beta program.

Again, we apologize for the disruption. It’s unacceptable that you would lose access to the Android app, and we recognize that we failed to act as swiftly as we should have. Thank you for your patience as we test the solution.

The technical details

Recently, one of our service providers deprecated TLS 1.0/1.1, which is a version of a cryptographic protocol used by networking components to negotiate secure transactions (https). This provider now requires that secure connections be made with TLS 1.2 (a more modern version).

Devices with the Android OS earlier than version 5.0 usually have TLS 1.2 installed, but it’s not available by default. When the deprecation was implemented, all HTTPS requests made from those devices began to fail immediately, most noticeably during login, when the device would report (inaccurately) that the credentials supplied were invalid.

We were notified by the provider in advance of this change but failed to realize the scope of the impact. The right response would’ve been to recognize the implications immediately and work with our provider to forestall the changes until we could ship an update to Safari Queue. Once our provider proceeded with the change, it was too late and we couldn’t patch 1.x to work around the 1.2 requirement.

In version 2.0 of Queue, now in beta, we’ve patched our network clients to enable TLS 1.2. Please join the beta program for immediate access.

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One Response to “Fixing Login Problems with Safari Queue on Android”

  1. Ahmed G.

    Thanks for accepting feedback and this RCA for the Android issue. I’ve opt-in to Beta and from the first look, it seems you are working hard to provide your customer with a better experience. Android 4.4 is now able to log in, sync across different platform, download all for video (awesome) and finally enable external storage.

    I’ll be using Beta version extensively and keep you posted


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