Vision with Precision: Vision is Fun But Precision Gets It Done

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by Rob Fazio, PhD “Having a vision is fun, vision with precision gets it done.” Vision statements on a wall, on a website, or on a piece of paper can serve a purpose for businesses, but they don’t lead to success. The purpose of a vision is to have something not just to move towards,… Read more »

Publisher Spotlight: Seven Dimensions

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One of the strongest features of Safari is the array and range of publishing partners who provide valuable content to our library. A partner that exemplifies this breadth and depth is Seven Dimensions, a producer of video training on personal and professional development topics since 1979. As part of a continuing feature here at the… Read more »

Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt to Tell Your Story Through Public Speaking and Social Media

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By Kathryn Zonghetti Kathryn Zonghetti is an empowerment strategist at Purposeful Challenges: Discover Your True Capabilities. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here. We all have a story that needs to be shared with the world. We are all fighting our own battle. The best way to face our own challenges and adversity is by… Read more »

Three ways to cultivate curiosity in your workplace

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When it comes to the survival skills that your organization needs to navigate today’s volatile and competitive landscape, curiosity may not be the first one that comes to mind… or the last one, for that matter. Whether you see it as a skill or characteristic, curiosity is a powerful mindset that can be developed and… Read more »

How many ah-ha moments can you have? A guide to doing more, learning more, and getting more

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Staying motivated is hard.  Starting something is easy.  It is even thrilling.  As you start your new diet, the first few days are hard, but you feel such a sense of accomplishment with your new healthy eating habits.  When I start a new workout regimen, I always stock up on a bunch of new gym… Read more »

Giving presents to coworkers: 19 great gift ideas for people at work

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Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift for someone at work or in your professional circle? With birthdays, holidays, and new jobs abounding throughout every year, getting gifts for your coworkers, team, and even for your friends can be challenging. There are different rules when you’re giving gifts at or for work, and… Read more »