A new era for Safari

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Safari looks a little different today–we have a new logo, and you’ll see “O’Reilly” in the new red header bar. And this signal that Safari is now 100% O’Reilly is just the beginning–since O’Reilly became Safari’s sole owner in August 2014, we’ve been working on a host of new ways to make it even more useful (and more… Read more »

3 Ways Your Learning Team Can Make a Real Impact in Your Business

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The Learning 2015 conference held earlier this month attracted learning leaders from the world’s most innovative companies. So it’s no surprise it was abuzz with conversations about curation, personalization, social learning, the digitally connected employee, and the Tin Can API. Of the multitudes of enlightening sessions, Nuance’s Director of Technical & Professional Learning, Cristin Crain,… Read more »

React.js, performance and web security at Fluent 2015

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Fluent 2015 was packed with presentations on JavaScript, microservices, native script, git, design and much more. It was fascinating diving into languages and topics presented by people who are leaders on them. Here are a few things that I took away from it that will affect the way I work.

Safari Brings America’s K-12 Free Access to Books, Videos from O’Reilly Media

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This past February, Tim O’Reilly brought me into an email thread with the White House with a straightforward but urgent request — could Safari provide the delivery mechanism to make all of O’Reilly Media’s titles available to every K–12 student in America? Commitments to the President’s “ConnectED” program were lined up from a number of software,… Read more »

XOXO Festival 2014

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[This is the first post in Safari’s 3-year tradition of “encouraging” our team to write one blog post per day for the month of November. I hope you enjoy our 2013 and 2012 archives, and we’ll be bringing another month of posts on tech, business, and publishing, on topics from the general to the arcane.] Photo… Read more »

Monitorama and the open source monitoring revolution

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Last week in Portland, I attended Monitorama, a conference on open Source monitoring. Speakers and attendees demoed fancy new software, shared personal experiences, and – in true cross-disciplinary learning fashion – showed off lots of cool math! Keep your eye on this Vimeo page for forthcoming videos from the conference. In the meantime, let’s run… Read more »

IDPF Digital Book/BEA 2011: Creating Highly-Accessible Interactive Content

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I’ll be speaking at this year’s IDPF Digital Book 2011 event on Monday, May 23, in a session called Creating Highly-Accessible Interactive Content. Though the session is part of the Technology and Production track, and I will touch on specifics of EPUB 3 markup and standards, I’ll be approaching the intersection of accessibility and technology… Read more »

Tools of Change 2011: Best bets (from Liza)

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Threepress will be fully represented at Tools of Change 2011. Keith Fahlgren will be part of the panel All About EPUB3. I’m not speaking this year but I’m attending; a relief for me as I’m really looking forward to spending the time listening rather than rehearsing. The following is a list of talks that I’m… Read more »

Cost-effective Development of Enhanced Content with EPUB3 (Digital Book World 2011)

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I presented at Digital Book World 2011 about using EPUB3 to produce multimedia and interactive ebooks that will be compatible with multiple devices and software ereaders. Anyone who’s ever been to a digital publishing conference knows that there is always a bewildering array of products that create and display enhanced content: ebooks that contain video,… Read more »