A new era for Safari

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Safari looks a little different today–we have a new logo, and you’ll see “O’Reilly” in the new red header bar. And this signal that Safari is now 100% O’Reilly is just the beginning–since O’Reilly became Safari’s sole owner in August 2014, we’ve been working on a host of new ways to make it even more useful (and more… Read more »

Vision with Precision: Vision is Fun But Precision Gets It Done

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by Rob Fazio, PhD “Having a vision is fun, vision with precision gets it done.” Vision statements on a wall, on a website, or on a piece of paper can serve a purpose for businesses, but they don’t lead to success. The purpose of a vision is to have something not just to move towards,… Read more »

Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt to Tell Your Story Through Public Speaking and Social Media

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By Kathryn Zonghetti Kathryn Zonghetti is an empowerment strategist at Purposeful Challenges: Discover Your True Capabilities. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here. We all have a story that needs to be shared with the world. We are all fighting our own battle. The best way to face our own challenges and adversity is by… Read more »

Take Control of Your Learning: How to Create and Implement a Professional Learning Plan

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I’m a modern learner. And whether you know it or not, you’re probably one, too. A modern learner is anyone working in an industry or organization that requires any or all of the following: Continuous advancement of existing skills Rapid learning of a diverse array of new skills Frequent application of, and experimentation with, those new… Read more »

Safari in a Nutshell: Our “One Year” Anniversary

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For nearly 15 years, Safari has helped technologists solve real-world problems and master their craft. Almost every software engineer or IT administrator can point to technical books that were formative in their careers (mine was Programming Perl), and we’re proud that many of those people read those books using Safari. But people learn technology in many more… Read more »

Becoming a better learner

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I tend to spend all of my focused learning time on understanding new technology. My approach is to bang my head against a side-project—while reviewing documentation—until I get it working. I didn’t use this approach when I recently decided to review math fundamentals, and as a result found myself unable to gain momentum, falling asleep with… Read more »

Daily Learning Fuels a Culture of Innovation

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“The ability of your company to be competitive and survive lies not so much in solutions themselves, but in the capability of the people in your organization to understand a situation and develop solutions.” — Mike Rother Building a culture of innovation for your organization, without continuous learning, would be equivalent to giving a child… Read more »

Design Patterns Series, Day 7: The State and Strategy Patterns

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Welcome to the conclusion of our seven-day Design Patterns Series. Today, we’ll conclude the series by learning the State pattern, reviewing the Strategy pattern, and pointing you to a number of other resources you can use to continue learning about Design Patterns. Open a free 10-day Safari trial account to access the series materials. Did… Read more »