New in Safari: September 2015

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How have we made Safari more valuable to you in the past 30 days? Let’s take a look. New Publishers, Acclaimed Titles This past month, we were thrilled to announce the addition of two new publishers. Harvard Business Review Press added to Safari over three hundred books and two hundred videos/webinars, including classics like The… Read more »

5 Tips to Get Started with Android Development

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With sales of Android devices growing, there’s no better time to get started crafting your first Android app. Here are the five things you need to know before creating that first killer app. 1. Understand the Java Programming Language. Java is Android’s main programming language. Learn object-oriented programming concepts, Java language fundamentals, including packages, classes… Read more »

Using your iPad to learn about Android?

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Android has been trending in the news because of this recent Gartner report, showing the Google OS as the clear number one among new tablet sales in 2013, surpassing iOS. Not surprisingly, the subject of Android development has been steadily rising in popularity in Safari Flow. During 2013, Android was the twelfth most popular topic… Read more »