A Gourmet Guide to Collaboration Strategies: Learn to INSPIRE

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by Robert Maurer and Michelle Gifford On a daily basis we are called on to help others. We do this as parents, spouses, and friends; and we do this in the workplace, as employees, colleagues, and managers. But how often do we consciously and skillfully pull from our toolbox the right strategy for guiding, motivating,… Read more »

“The Magic of Math:” Five Questions with Arthur Benjamin on Mathematics and Your Career

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We all have to solve problems and challenges in our personal and professional lives every day. Being able to understand and implement the classic concepts of mathematical thinking such as algebra, proofs, and geometry will only strengthen your problem solving abilities and capabilities. In his new book from Basic Books, “The Magic of Math: Solving… Read more »

My Life with Open Source (Or How Helping Strangers Boosted My Career)

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The beginning My first contact with open-source was the same as it is for most people: using open-source projects. I’m too curious to stop at that. I wanted to know how these projects I’ve been using were written and which architecture and patterns they use. I wanted to debug its code so I could both use… Read more »

Safari Publisher Spotlight: The Perseus Books Group

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One of the strongest features of Safari is the array and range of publishing partners who provide valuable content to our library. A partner that strongly exemplifies this breadth and depth is The Perseus Books Group which is composed of a series of imprints including Basic Books, Da Capo Press, Weinstein Books, Running Press, Seal Press,and… Read more »

The Tsundoku Support Club

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積ん読 How many movies are on your Netflix list right now? Got an Instapaper account that’s becoming the dark place where unread articles go to die? How about your inbox? A few emails lingering in there?  How many? If you’re like anyone else in the information age your answer might range from “about ten” to… Read more »

Safari Goes to Business School

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Safari has just loaded in a terrific collection of short articles from new publishing partner Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. Working Knowledge is an online-only periodical that gives a practical focus to new research and ideas from Harvard Business School faculty. We’ve curated a special collection of Working Knowledge content specifically for Safari’s audience. Check out the full collection, which… Read more »