The Sales Follow-Up Guide: What Every Salesperson Needs to Read in 2016

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By “Follow-up is the key to sales success.” If you’re in sales, you’ve probably heard those words so many times they’ve lost their meaning. Let’s change that: it’s time to put power back in those words. Forget everything you think you know about the follow-up. We’re going to look at it from a fresh… Read more »

The Alchemy of Innovation: The Five Elements of Creativity and Competitive Change

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By Edgar Papke Edgar Papke is the author of the recently-published “Elephant in the Boardroom” from Career Press. He is an executive coach and an internationally award-winning speaker.  The need for innovation has long been a permanent and increasingly valued pursuit of business. Over the last two decades it has found its way to the… Read more »

Welcome, strategy+business to Safari!

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We are thrilled to welcome Safari’s newest content partner, strategy+business. An award-winning management magazine, strategy+business (s+b) provides a range of insight, information, and advice to decision makers and managers worldwide. Already, over 80 pieces of content are available in Safari including two e-book compilations called “The Executive Guide to Strategy” and “Don’t Blame Your Culture.” You can also read… Read more »

The Curse of Best Practices: Avoid Disruption by Challenging Your Assumptions About Success

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  By Luke Williams Luke Williams is the executive director of entrepreneurship and founder of the W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab at New York University’s Stern School of Business. He is the international bestselling author of the second edition of “Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business.”    Different organizations have different opinions… Read more »

Leadership Lessons from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

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By Theodore Kinni Theodore Kinni has written, ghosted, or edited more than 20 business books. He was book review editor for strategy+business for 7 years. I’ve been waiting for Amazon—with its annual sales of almost $90 billion in 2014—to crash and burn for a long time. There was no way that a public company could continue to operate… Read more »

Daily Learning Fuels a Culture of Innovation

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“The ability of your company to be competitive and survive lies not so much in solutions themselves, but in the capability of the people in your organization to understand a situation and develop solutions.” — Mike Rother Building a culture of innovation for your organization, without continuous learning, would be equivalent to giving a child… Read more »

Is there a Better Way to Start Your Day than Five Minutes with Peter Drucker?

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Having spent a large part of my career as a business writer and editor, one of my passions as Safari’s editor-in-chief is to help our users develop their business and management skills alongside their tech chops. I believe strongly that successful professional careers, whether they include formal management roles or not, are driven as much by organizational effectiveness and business savvy… Read more »

Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution: A Primer

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By Lauren Keller Johnson Lauren Keller Johnson is a freelance writer living in Harvard, MA As a manager or team leader, you’re responsible for many things. But your most important task may be crafting and executing strategies for your group. Strategies are the plans you build to set direction. They might center on how your… Read more »