The Sales Follow-Up Guide: What Every Salesperson Needs to Read in 2016

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By “Follow-up is the key to sales success.” If you’re in sales, you’ve probably heard those words so many times they’ve lost their meaning. Let’s change that: it’s time to put power back in those words. Forget everything you think you know about the follow-up. We’re going to look at it from a fresh… Read more »

Making Computers Sing

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What does it mean to make a computer sing? Computers don’t have vocal cords; they can’t really “sing” like a human can, but they do have DACs (digital to analogue converters), which are the devices responsible for generating sound inside of a computer. Computers don’t have a shred of musicality either. It’s up to humans… Read more »

You should write clearer tickets to make your team happier

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First, write this ticket: Develop a best practices “ticket model” for maximum happiness Type: Improvement Priority: P0 Status: Open Assigned to: Everyone Description We want to collaborate effectively on changes to our products and take input from all parts of the organization. We can improve how clearly we express the goals of a new feature… Read more »

When to use Chef wrapper cookbooks (and when not to)

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If you’ve used Chef, you’ve probably used a community cookbook. Community cookbooks are helpful because someone else has figured out how to solve your problem, be it installing nginx or configuring postgresql. While community cookbooks are great, they sometimes don’t include everything that you need. That’s where wrapper cookbooks come in. If you want to… Read more »

Caveman: An HTML5 cache manifest validator

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Over on his own blog, Ned Batchelder has written up his HTML5 appcache validator tool he whipped together while working on Ibis Reader: The result is Caveman, a Python tool to validate HTML5 cache manifests. It scrapes the HTML page you specify, finding resources, then compares them to the cache manifest and reports problems. Full… Read more »

EPUB export improvements in Apple Pages 4.0.5

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I haven’t been checking each incremental release so it’s possible this landed earlier, but the current version of Apple Pages has improved the semantics of their EPUB export. The original template now produces <p> elements instead of <div>s, an important update: Presumably this affects the degree to which Pages-outputted styles are visible in iBooks (as… Read more »

Three for Threepress

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We’re very excited to have a new team member for Ibis Reader. Ned Batchelder will be working with us in the weeks ahead to update and improve Ibis, and to add some features that have been requested by current and prospective software licensees. First up is internationalization. One of the key advantages of an HTML5… Read more »

Running epubcheck on your computer

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epubcheck is a valuable tool for anyone working with EPUB documents. Many beginners choose to start using it via the online validator at, but it’s a mistake to use that too often. More explicitly: If you’re making more than 3 EPUBs this year, you must setup epubcheck on your computer Why setup epubcheck locally?… Read more »