A Gourmet Guide to Collaboration Strategies: Learn to INSPIRE

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by Robert Maurer and Michelle Gifford On a daily basis we are called on to help others. We do this as parents, spouses, and friends; and we do this in the workplace, as employees, colleagues, and managers. But how often do we consciously and skillfully pull from our toolbox the right strategy for guiding, motivating,… Read more »

Building the Learning Organization: A Must-Read For Every Business Leader

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  In the age of rapid globalization, mind-blowing technology advancements, and growing consumer power, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: for a business to survive and succeed, it must become a learning organization first and foremost. Regardless of industry, size, age, or business model, every organization must forge ahead in learning better and faster in… Read more »

The Curse of Best Practices: Avoid Disruption by Challenging Your Assumptions About Success

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  By Luke Williams Luke Williams is the executive director of entrepreneurship and founder of the W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab at New York University’s Stern School of Business. He is the international bestselling author of the second edition of “Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business.”    Different organizations have different opinions… Read more »

Work it, girl: How to dress like a grownup for work while still maintaining your sense of style

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Clothing has always been important to me, and while I’ve never been a particularly trendy dresser, I’ve always cared about what I wear and how I present myself. As a high school student I developed an eccentric sense of style that culled from Army Navy stores, flea markets, thrift stores, and my grandmother, which earned… Read more »

Three ways to cultivate curiosity in your workplace

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When it comes to the survival skills that your organization needs to navigate today’s volatile and competitive landscape, curiosity may not be the first one that comes to mind… or the last one, for that matter. Whether you see it as a skill or characteristic, curiosity is a powerful mindset that can be developed and… Read more »

Safari Goes to Business School

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Safari has just loaded in a terrific collection of short articles from new publishing partner Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. Working Knowledge is an online-only periodical that gives a practical focus to new research and ideas from Harvard Business School faculty. We’ve curated a special collection of Working Knowledge content specifically for Safari’s audience. Check out the full collection, which… Read more »

Daily Learning Fuels a Culture of Innovation

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“The ability of your company to be competitive and survive lies not so much in solutions themselves, but in the capability of the people in your organization to understand a situation and develop solutions.” — Mike Rother Building a culture of innovation for your organization, without continuous learning, would be equivalent to giving a child… Read more »