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We are thrilled to welcome Safari’s newest content partner, strategy+business. An award-winning management magazine, strategy+business (s+b) provides a range of insight, information, and advice to decision makers and managers worldwide.

Already, over 80 pieces of content are available in Safari including two e-book compilations called “The Executive Guide to Strategy” and “Don’t Blame Your Culture.” You can also read from “The Thought Leader Interview” series including discussions with Eric Ries, the author of “The Lean Startup” and Robert Sutton, the author of “Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, and Total Nonsense” (which is also available in Safari).

Additionally, this list in Safari shows the array of content that s+b is bringing to Safari. In the coming weeks, we will be uploading many videos from s+b to our platform, as well, so stay tuned for more.

Executive Guide to Strategy    strategy_business  Don't Blame Your Culture

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By Frankie Bagnardi

Frankie Bagnardi is a senior front-end developer creating user experiences for various clients. In his free time, he answers questions on StackOverflow (FakeRainBrigand) and IRC (GreenJello), and enjoys small projects. He is a co-author of the brand new second edition of Developing a React Edge by Bleeding Edge Press

Developing a React Edge 2E

React and the tools around it move fast. Each version comes with new features and drops old ones. You can read the official release notes that cover what has been released in React 0.14, but here in this post we’re going to cover some changes in the ecosystem.


First, react-tools has been officially deprecated. This includes reactify, react-loader, gulp-react, the jsx command line tool, and many more. These were all built on a custom esprima build with jsx and some es6/es7 features added on. Read more »

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BOSTON December 9, 2015 – Safari, the leading continuous learning content delivery platform for technology and business learning resources today announced that it was selected by Acxiom® (Nasdaq: ACXM), an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company, to provide all employees with access to Safari, as part of an ongoing initiative to promote a culture of continuous learning.

“In an industry on the forefront of big data technologies, access to the right learning tools is mission-critical,” says Acxiom’s Head of Learning, Wes Hinesley. “We need continuous improvement to stay competitive, and Safari has demonstrated success in expedient product development, and a long history of bringing in publisher powerhouses that will help our teams innovate and grow.”

21st century talent spotting

Today’s 21st century talent spotting practices require hyper-growth industries to reevaluate how they are looking at hiring, retaining, promoting and retaining employees. Learning potential, emotional intelligence, soft skills and leadership abilities all play critical roles in developing top-tier talent that accelerates a company’s ability to remain competitive.

“We know that great workplaces invest in giving their people the opportunity to learn and improve the skills they need to do their best work, and promote a culture of sharing that knowledge,” said Safari CEO, Andrew Savikas. “And we’re proud to have been chosen by Acxiom for such a critical role in fueling that kind of learning culture.” Read more »

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Recently, we were able to ask five questions of Daniel D. Gutierrez about his new book from Technics Publications called “Machine Learning and Data Science: An Introduction to Statistical Learning Methods with R.”  Below, Daniel talks about his inspiration for writing, why he chose R as the language for the book, and who would benefit most from reading it.

Machine Learning and Data Science

1. What was the genesis of the book? Why did you choose to write it? I’ve been an educator for pretty much all of my professional life while also working in industry and recently I had been teaching a number of corporate training courses on data science and R through UC Irvine Extension. I developed some educational content based on my experiences teaching and through feedback from my students at large companies like Toyota and Southern California Edison. Over time, I sensed some common threads in terms of how people were able to embrace the subject matter – like recurring questions and pain points. I decided to formalize the content in the form of a book since there were no suitable books out there that addressed the needs of professionals trying to transition into the field from other disciplines. There were a number of good books, but they were too advanced; they weren’t a good launching pad. Read more »

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One of the strongest features of Safari is the array and range of publishing partners who provide valuable content to our library. A partner that exemplifies this breadth and depth is Seven Dimensions, a producer of video training on personal and professional development topics since 1979.

As part of a continuing feature here at the Safari blog, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Seven Dimensions and their wide array of video titles.

Build Your Brand  Emotional Intelligence  Rock Star Leader  Efficiency Champion  Overcome Fears

Build Your Brand and Your Career by Eve Ash, Sadhana Smiles, Ben Walkenhorst, Peter Wallbridge

Learn practical and applicable advice on how to build and leverage your personal and professional brand including tips on public speaking and career resiliency.

Read more »

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One of the strongest features of Safari is the array and range of publishing partners who provide valuable content to our library. One partner that strongly exemplifies this breadth and depth is Packt Publishing, which provides our members with extensive book and video content on emerging, and essential, IT software development concepts.

As part of a new regular feature here at the Safari blog, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Packt and their deep offering of content.

Mastering Python  Reactjs Essentials  Responsive Web Design


Beginning Docker  Mastering JavaScript


Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka

If you want to take your data to the next level then implementing machine learning into your workflow is essential. In this book, author Sebastian Raschka covers topics such as compressing data, model evaluation, and a roadmap for building machine learning systems. Read more »

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The Learning 2015 conference held earlier this month attracted learning leaders from the world’s most innovative companies. So it’s no surprise it was abuzz with conversations about curation, personalization, social learning, the digitally connected employee, and the Tin Can API.

Of the multitudes of enlightening sessions, Nuance’s Director of Technical & Professional Learning, Cristin Crain, delivered one that illustrates the three steps Nuance’s learning team has taken — and yours can, too — to drive business results. Nuance is a leading provider of voice and language solutions that transform the way people interact with devices and systems. To stay current and relevant, Nuance has to be innovative and always evolving. Its learning team supports this through:

  • Iteration – Knowing the work is never done, there are always improvements and advancements to be made.
  • Connection – Learning what audiences want and need to keep moving forward.
  • Prioritization – Thinking through the impact on learners and the organization. What resources will provide the necessary information in a format that enables access anytime and anywhere?

Read more »

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We all have to solve problems and challenges in our personal and professional lives every day. Being able to understand and implement the classic concepts of mathematical thinking such as algebra, proofs, and geometry will only strengthen your problem solving abilities and capabilities. In his new book from Basic Books, “The Magic of Math: Solving For X and Figuring Out Why,” mathematician and author Arthur Benjamin carefully explains these ideas and provides practical tips and tricks to help you hone your math skills. 

We reached out to Arthur with a few questions to hear his thoughts on how mathematics can impact your career and personal development.

Magic of Math

What kind of reaction do you typically get from someone when you talk to them about your love of all things mathematical? How do you convince them to embrace these principles?

In my experience, you can motivate someone to learn mathematics through either relevance or elegance. Either they need to see that the math they are learning will be useful for solving problems that they care about now (not three math classes from now) or the pattern or logic is so beautiful that the applications don’t matter. For example, music may have applications, but most people just enjoy it for its own beauty. Read more »

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Earlier this year, we overhauled our search application and changed it from a django app to a microservice. This opened us up to move the frontend of our search out of django templates and into a single-page JavaScript application that communicates via JSON.


Starting from scratch allowed us to think about the overall structure and components of the application. We use Backbone in most of our javaScript so a Backbone + Marionette + Backbone.Radio application made sense. Marionette allowed us to simplify our application in a number of ways including; better binding between our models and views using Marionette Layout, Composite, Item and Collection Views, more reusable components using Marionette Behaviors, easier view rendering and cleanup with Marionette Regions, templateHelpers for teasing logic in our JavaScript templates.

Breaking things down

We started by breaking the app into modules. This included a module for ‘facets’, which are the publishers, topics and author options you can check off in the UI to narrow your search. ‘Suggest’ for the autocomplete module. The main part of the app handled pagination and the templates, collection and views for rendering search results.

Each of these modules included their own collections, models and views. We kept these mostly isolated components that used local event messaging. We used ‘controllers’ for app-wide event messaging and managing their module components. Read more »