A Gourmet Guide to Collaboration Strategies: Learn to INSPIRE

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by Robert Maurer and Michelle Gifford On a daily basis we are called on to help others. We do this as parents, spouses, and friends; and we do this in the workplace, as employees, colleagues, and managers. But how often do we consciously and skillfully pull from our toolbox the right strategy for guiding, motivating,… Read more »

Vision with Precision: Vision is Fun But Precision Gets It Done

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by Rob Fazio, PhD “Having a vision is fun, vision with precision gets it done.” Vision statements on a wall, on a website, or on a piece of paper can serve a purpose for businesses, but they don’t lead to success. The purpose of a vision is to have something not just to move towards,… Read more »

Interview with a Tech Manager: VM Brasseur

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We first heard VM Brasseur speak in 2013 at Open Source Bridge, where she gave an dynamic and motivating talk about people, processes, and management to a rapt crowd. Since then, VM has given that talk, called “A Crash Course in Tech Management,” at OSCON EU and Portland in 2014 and 2015, respectively. A notable… Read more »

6 Reasons Why Women Make Great Innovation Leaders

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by Carol Vallone Mitchell Carol Vallone Mitchell is the author of the new book “Breaking Through ‘Bitch’” from Career Press. She is the cofounder of Talent Strategy Partners. Five of the 23 female CEOs in the Fortune 500 work at technology-sector companies. Two of the five women run a company in the Silicon Valley. These statistics are surprising… Read more »

How To Find the Hidden Leaders on Your Team

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By Theodore Kinni Theodore Kinni has written, ghosted, or edited more than 20 business books. He was book review editor for strategy+business for 7 years. Everybody recognizes the importance of leadership in the C-suite, but we don’t always give it the attention it deserves in the trenches—where execution is the name of the game. Nevertheless, there are lots… Read more »

Listen until it hurts: Brenton Hayden, founder and chairman of the board of Renters Warehouse

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Popforms Leader Of The Week is a feature on our blog where we highlight an outstanding leader and share their insights on leadership, career, and being awesome at your job. Want to nominate someone amazing you know to be featured? We would love to hear from you – email hello@popforms.com with your pitches anytime.  … Read more »