Vision with Precision: Vision is Fun But Precision Gets It Done

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by Rob Fazio, PhD “Having a vision is fun, vision with precision gets it done.” Vision statements on a wall, on a website, or on a piece of paper can serve a purpose for businesses, but they don’t lead to success. The purpose of a vision is to have something not just to move towards,… Read more »

Interview with a Tech Manager: VM Brasseur

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We first heard VM Brasseur speak in 2013 at Open Source Bridge, where she gave an dynamic and motivating talk about people, processes, and management to a rapt crowd. Since then, VM has given that talk, called “A Crash Course in Tech Management,” at OSCON EU and Portland in 2014 and 2015, respectively. A notable… Read more »

A Formula for Successful Workplace Motivation

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by Ivica Vrancic Ivica Vrancic is a consultant and trainer. He is also a founder of Verantius, a company that provides management development and human resources consultancy and services. The work efficiency of an employee is a combination of motivation and ability. It can be expressed by this simple formula: WE = M x Ab. This… Read more »

Awkward, tense, and uncomfortable: how to have difficult conversations as a manager

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Empathy is your most important skill as a manager. You are not managing resources and you’re not managing work; you are managing people. And people are complicated. People need more than just to be managed in order to be successful (and to make you successful as their leader). They need to be led, coached, appreciated,… Read more »

Why you should be investing more money in your career: the case for spending $1000 on a workshop

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  If you’re reading this, you’re improving your career. People who read the Popforms blog and newsletter are almost always people who are interested in being more outstanding and more productive in their jobs, and reading our blog is one way they do that. But blog posts can only get you so far. There is… Read more »

The Spotify model: how to create, dissolve, and remix teams to be more dynamic and more innovative

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One of the most challenging parts of managing a traditional, hierarchical, organization is being responsive to new opportunities; especially those that require leveraging skillsets outside your own team. At Spotify, our organizational model allows us to create, dissolve, and remix teams with a minimal disruption to individuals or managers. This gives us tremendous abilities to… Read more »