Publisher Spotlight: Elsevier

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One of our favorite features of Safari is the quality and variety of publishing partners who provide valuable content to our library. A partner that exemplifies this breadth and depth is Elsevier, an international multimedia publishing company that provides content across an incredible range of topics.  As part of a continuing feature here at the Safari… Read more »

Processing & IOIO Simple Digital Output

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A guest post by Scott Sullivan, an independent Digital Product Designer. He has a background in technology-based art, visual design, and User Experience design. He can be found on Twitter @scotsullivan. For this project you’re going to use Processing, a language built on Java to build an Android application that will simply turn on and off… Read more »

Making movies out of words

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Although this project is primarily aimed at tools for searching and reading textual content, software developers have increasing options to easily develop high-quality graphical applications. The program described here is written in the graphical environment Processing, but Adobe Flash or Microsoft’s Silverlight can be used for similar purposes. I imagine applying techniques such as this… Read more »