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Published 7 December 2014, last updated 20 February 2015

How do I cancel my free trial?

Free trial without a credit card

If you signed up for a free trial without using a credit card, your trial will automatically cancel at the end of the trial period. You don't need to do anything.

Free trial with a credit card

If you signed up for a free trial using a credit card, your account will automatically convert to a paid account at the end of the trial period. To cancel your trial without getting charged, go to Settings > Billing Info > Cancel Your Plan.

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

Paid users can cancel their accounts by going to Settings > Plans and payment > Cancel My Account. If you have a paid account or if you used a credit card when signing up for a trial you can cancel your account when logged into Safari. Please log in and go to Settings > Billing Info > Cancel Your Plan.

I get "Your account is disabled" when I log in, but my account is valid! What do I do?

You probably are using your old password from your Safari Books Online account. If you use your new password for Safari you will be logged into the new Safari.

To reset your Safari password

For more information on how to tell the two systems apart.

Why does "Create Your Account" not work?

You probably have one or more security applications or extensions which are blocking a cookie for Google Analytics. Allowing this cookie should resolve the problem.

Some users report a problem when creating a Safari account. They fill out the registration form, but when they click the "Create Your Account" link nothing happens.

The problem appears to be an issue with a cookie for Google Analytics being blocked by a security application or cookie blocker. Some examples of blockers are Ghostery, Beef Taco, and Cookie Monster. Safari requires cookies to work correctly, so please allow this cookie and your account will be created successfully.

You are logging me into the wrong account! How do I log into Safari Books Online?

Please go to the login page to log into Safari Books Online if you also have an account in Safari.

If you have an account in both Safari and in Safari Books Online our web site will automatically log you into the Safari account.

To log into Safari Books Online either of these URLs will work:

Safari Books Online Login
Safari Books Online Search

Please replace your existing bookmarks with one of these URLs.

For more information on new Safari and what it means to you, take a look at our blog announcement.

What if I don't have a credit card?

Paying for Safari is now possible with PayPal, the industry leader in online payment. PayPal is safe, secure, and internationally supported. With PayPal, you can check out with one click without sharing your full financial information, so paying for Safari is now easier than ever.

What currencies do you support?

With Safari you can choose to be billed in either USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, HKD, or SGD at the time you register your account. If you hold a balance on your PayPal account of the currency you have selected, PayPal will use that for your subscription payment and will not charge a currency conversion fee. Otherwise, PayPal may charge you a fee for converting the subscription charge to your primary currency. Check with PayPal for details on international payments.

Note that once you have registered and created your Safari account, you cannot change the currency you have selected for your subscription.

How do I change my email address or password?

To change your email or password, simply log into your account and select “Settings” (look for the gear icon) in the side navigation panel. In Settings, you can update your email address or password.

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Please try to include as much detail as possible about the situation you encountered and the platform you use.