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Published 7 December 2014, last updated 17 February 2016

Are the same books and videos in Safari as in Safari Books Online?


Safari has 95% of the most popular titles from Safari Books Online.


As of January 2015, the new Safari has more than 30,000 books and videos. We did take the opportunity to prune a bunch of titles that were rarely (if ever) used in Safari Books Online, making it easier to discover the most topical releases in technology and business.

The new Safari features a curated library of the best technical books today — including titles from Pearson, O'Reilly Media,and more — organized by the most popular subjects, from web development and mobile apps to entrepreneurship and UX/IA, to name a few We are continually adding content to Safari based on what our users show and tell us they are interested in. Safari has the top 95% of the most popular titles from Safari Books Online.

For more details please see this blog post.

Do you have RSS or Atom feeds for new titles?


Yes, we have both RSS and Atom feeds for books and videos that were added recently.


There is an RSS newsfeed.

You might also want to try Atom, an alternative format with some great features missing in RSS.

You can also follow new titles with the twitter Safaribot, which automatically tweets new Safari titles as they come out. New titles are also added here.

How do I redeem my book coupon?


We have replaced the coupon account with a new offer—free access to ALL Safari books and videos for 30 days.


The old 45-day coupon accounts gave access to a single book. The new offer gives 30-days of free access to all books and videos in our collection. The 30-day trial does not require a credit card, and is risk free. It will automatically expire at the end of 30 days unless you choose to renew.

Create your account

How do I use the Queue?


The Safari Queue is our mobile application. Fundamental to the app is the notion that it syncs with your “queue,” a feature that is part of new Safari. Queuing is integrated throughout the Safari experience,


When you queue a book or video, you are saving it for later. Each time you tap or click the queue icon, the book or video is saved in your queue, where you can reference it whenever you want.

Learn more about the queue feature.

Why is there a time such as "10 MIN" for each section?


Safari includes suggestions on the approximate amount of time it will take to read a book chapter or watch a video clip. These suggestions are there to help you decide which sections you want to view next, based on how much time you have available. The timer helps you to decide whether to read it now, or add it to the queue for later.


Please feel free to spend as long as you like viewing any particular section. The times are the average for all Safari readers and aren't calculated for individual users.

What are your browser and system requirements?


On the desktop we support the current and previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. We support standard browsers installed on major mobile operating systems, including the default Android browsers and Mobile Safari on iOS and Android.


Safari supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

We support the current and previous major releases of Internet Explorer and Safari. We support the latest version of Google Chrome and Firefox, which update automatically whenever they detect that a new version of the browser is available.

Earlier version of browsers back to IE 9 are generally compatible with our features, but we don't test these versions extensively and can't guarantee all features will work. Trial accounts of Safari are available for companies and individuals to verify your preferred browser is compatible.

We support standard browsers installed on major mobile operating systems, including the default Android browsers and Mobile Safari on iOS. Alternate browsers on these platforms may also work, though we do not test them extensively.

Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled to use Safari.

Why can't I find the exercise files for a book or video?


Books or videos that refer to working/exercise files will often mention the location of these files in a chapter at the beginning or end of the book, or in an early clip if it’s a video. If you can’t find those files, please check the publisher’s website (for example, O’Reilly hosts all exercise files on our media site), or get in touch with us and we'll do our best to find them for you.

We’re aware this a less-than-ideal solution and are working on providing you with these links directly in Safari.

Why do you not have page numbers in new Safari titles?

We know that some users are interested in learning the total number of pages in the original printed book, and we are considering that option for future development. However, the vast majority of Safari books are in EPUB format. EPUB is an HTML-based, reflowable format, and is very suitable for displaying text on a wide range of displays at different resolutions. While EPUB is the best format for our material, it does not contain page breaks or page numbers. Pages are defined by the viewing application and its window size at display-time.

Many users who ask about page numbers are interested in using them for citations. Page numbers are not required when citing an online reference such as Safari. For more information on citations, see the FAQ "How do I cite content in Safari?"

How do I cite content in Safari?

Each citation standard has different suggestions for how you cite an online resource.

Most standards require author, title, publication date, the date you accessed the online material, and the name of the online service (Safari). You do not need to include page numbers in most online citation standards. Safari uses static URLs so it is possible to include a link to a specific page, although the URL is optional in some citation standards.

Please refer to the documentation for your specific standard for additional details on correct citation format.

There are many online services that can create citations in a variety of standard formats. Some popular ones are:

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Please try to include as much detail as possible about the situation you encountered and the platform you use.