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Published 7 December 2014, last updated 17 November 2015

What is the Safari Queue app and how does it work?

The Safari Queue apps for Android and iOS allow you to read Safari content wherever you are.

The apps have the following features:

  • Download unlimited books and videos for offline use
  • Sync your Safari queue with the website
  • Search our catalogue and add new items to your queue from within the app
  • Control font size and toggle night mode for reading comfort
  • Start reading on one device and pick up where you left off on another

Please note that Safari Queue apps only work with new Safari accounts created after July 2014. For older accounts, you will need to use our Safari To Go apps. For more information, visit this page.

Can I use Safari on my Kindle?

The answer is: it depends. It is possible to sideload the Android app onto Android-based Kindles, including the Kindle Fire™ and the Kindle Fire HD™. However, Amazon prevents the installation of 3rd-party applications on their e-ink devices, and due to the nature of our business, we can only distribute content through our own apps – for more or less the same reason that Spotify songs can’t be played in iTunes, for example.

Can I sideload the Queue app onto my Android device?

If your Android device cannot connect to the Google Play store, but otherwise meets the requirements for installation, you can download an APK for sideloading onto your device from this link. Please note that sideloaded apps do not automatically receive updates, so you'll need to keep track of that yourself. Follow us on Twitter for news of new releases.

Do you have a Windows Phone app?

Not right now! You can use our website on your Windows Phone though.

I have a problem or an idea for a feature. Who should I tell?

If you have problems or suggestions for improvement, please use the in-app Feedback feature to message our product team. During US Pacific business hours, we’ll usually respond very quickly; outside those hours we’ll be a little slower, but we’ll definitely see your message and get back to you as soon as we can. If you have push notifications turned on, you’ll receive a notification as soon as we respond; otherwise, you’ll see the response next time you open the app.

Is all Safari content supported in the Queue app?

The vast majority of Safari content is supported in the mobile app, but we sometimes publish content that works best on desktop. Examples of content that we exclude from the app are the Oriole tutorials and PDF-based books that don’t reflow to fit the variety of devices that run Queue on iOS and Android.

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Got a Title You’d Love to See on Safari?

We carry over 25 thousand titles, but there’s always room for improvement. Let us know if there’s a book, video, tutorial or conference you’d like to see added.

Didn't find your answer here?

Please try to include as much detail as possible about the situation you encountered and the platform you use.